Production system

• Production flow chart

Production Flow Chart


• Main production equipment
In order to improve the productivity, we have upgraded our production equipment not only by installing the automatic process equipment for our die casting machine but also expanding the mechanical processing equipments. Installation of the automatic die casting machine has facilitate us to reach a production capacity of 1,500 sets/day/machine. Additionally, different mechanical processing equipment has also facilitated us in precision processing of small spare part.

Die Casting machine
800T / 500T / 350T / 375T / 250T / 125T
Q' ty:9
Precision Machining machine
CNC Auto Lathe
Q' ty:8
MC Lathe
Q' ty:9
Drilling / Tapping / Milling Machine
Q' ty:4
Auto Drilling / Tapping Machine
Q' ty:8
Multiple Axial Drilling / Tapping Machine
Q' ty:96
Press Machine(Trimming)
Q' ty:9
Air Leakage testing
Q' ty:5

Production System

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